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Project “P”

We’re painting pegs this week.

Asia with Project ā€œPā€

To Americans, pegs are clothspins. When doctored up, they can make your clothes hanging, bag closing, or paper sorting chores more bright and cheerful.

Peg painting

Okay, so I haven’t actually painted my pegs yet, but Asia has come up with some great ideas for her batch:

The painted pegs

Toffee (her dog, now resting in doggie heaven)

Bra & panties (always a favorite)

Christmas Season (festive and useful)

Complementary Colors (learn mixing techniques)

Asia with her paint kit


Asia has a watercolor set, and some brushes and palette. To get tight, she has used either a match stick or the head of a pin. Great miniature work, and delightful designs.

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