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Fireplace Virgin

Asia has never had a fireplace in a flat, so she was especially excited tonight when we stoked up our fireplace with the first fire of the season.

We had seven split logs to burn. The fireplace is sort of like a glamorous Franklin stove. It’s belly sticks out from the corner of the room, and is steel casement. The steel body is made to radiate the heat (imagine Prague at 10 degrees, before central heating).

The mouth opens side by side, and the logs sit in an iron “basket” that can easily be filled with paper twists for lighting. When the flame is lit and doors are closed, the lower mouth draws air and send it up through the basket and out the flue. This is exremely efficient, and lets the wood burn longer. With seven small split logs, we had a three+ hour fire.

chodska fireplace

Of course, the best way to experience your first fire of the season is to spread blankets before the hearth and lie back with a glass of wine, some cheese, a coffee, or wrapped arm-in-arm.

And then I fell asleep … just for a bit.

Shadows from candles on the mantel made wavering figures on the walls. I had to take a few art shots:

fireplace b&w


fireplace flowers in sepia


And then there’s this Arctic Fox I snared just about a year ago:


 Asia in arctic hat

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