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Act II of TVW’s life

After finding oodles of typscript errors in the “first edition” of The Village Wit — an act of gross negligence on my part for not inserting error corrections found by my terrifically patient proofreaders — it is now back on-line at Amazon (kindle & print), with e-book formats available at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Apple iPad store. So that’s good news.

Better news is that this weekend, Sunday afternoon, I’ll be going live with a Facebook page dedicated to “mark beyer : author” … a page marketing not only TVW but also myself as writer. Why not focus solely on TVW? Because the page requires posts to keep it active, and page posts get sent to my “friends” which is a good way of keeping me, TVW, my past work, and future work in the eyes and minds of my potential readers.

I’m also going to use the page to post on the publishing industry, self-publishing pros & cons, and the experience of establishing my own presence in the book world via interviews, reviews, ads, etcetera. It should be fun, at least, and shall get the word out about the book.

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