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Tree Lighting Ceremony at Old Town Sq

AsiaMark at WenchSq 2010

It happened, but not for us. Asia and I (and thousands of others) got caught in a side street crunch that easily could have turned dangerous. It would seem odd that in this situation mothers with children were the ones pushing to get ahead, but that is the case. I even had a woman holding a dog trying to push through me.

Unfortunately, the more I’m here in Prague, the less I think of the Czech mentality toward civility. I’ve seen better manners among the teenaged crowd than their parent or grandparents. Last night was a perfect example: the ignorance of the crowd situation was literally beyond the comprehension of so many parents, who seemed more intent on getting their children into the square than the fact that their children would have been trampled to death from their own actions had the pushing become a push-back situation. And believe me, I would have protected Asia and myself above anything else.

What has been noticed and commented on by my Czech students, who find their attitude of “get what we can” while the getting is possible, comes not from Communism but from 300+ years of being the doormat of foreign kings. Whatever the case, there’s a problem with no-care attitudes towards everything from cutting in lines to picking up their dogs’ shit. Pretty pitiful, actually.

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