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Cinema Night: INCEPTION

Working closely, as I do, with the difference between reality and truth and fantasy, I was anxious to see Leo D play a dream stealer. The idea of getting inside someone’s head to play with dreams v. reality for whatever purpose has been studied for over a century. Forget Freud though … everything with that fuck is infantile sexual fantasies. Anyway … I was intrigued throughout the movie, especially with the inception team’s plan to create a dream within a dream within a dream.

I’ve only twice in my life remembered a dream within a dream, one more vivid than the other. I actually was living outside the dream, getting ready for the day, going out into the world, and then something struck (literally) that brought me out of THAT dream. Quite weird.

Of course, planting some seed that’s supposed to grow indigenously and chance one’s life or decision making is a bit of a stretch. Things that happen IN life do that, perhaps more than dreams themselves. The inception team found a great way to do just that, however, which made the story more believably possible than if it had gone completely Hollywood.

And Hollywood it did get: far too much violence and shoot’em’up action, really. While it was not unecessary¬† to the plot as such, a different way to tell the story would have made the inception/dream stealing idea more poignent for me. Of course, the movie cannot be watched a second time, because the errors and silliness of the “plot” would show through like a porn movie mustache.

Nonetheless, the movie was entertaining and I was literally on the edge of my seat for a time (making Asia laugh beside me). Oh, and we got stuck with seats in front of the screen, which, after a while you got used to, but man that kind of action so up close is like being inside a 2hr car crash.

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