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Reading Raw

Last night Cal came over and we read bits of our work, with Asia as added (essential) audience. Cal has found his true m├ętier, I think, with poetry. The narrative is tight, and the images profound.

I read from my new novel, “Of Sirens and Muses”, which is complete as a story and into a soft rewrite. I chose a couple of short scenes that give NYC as the narrator finds it.

Mark reading in publicAs we read, Asia took photos. I can use one of another of her shots for news & advert pieces a la marketing.

Before we read, we opened a bottle of wine Cal brought over, a robust Chillean red for which I had just the right crystal stemware. The wine was a good accompaniment to the marinated cheese & onion/pepper/garlic and rich rye bread.

Later, we had dinner: brown rice with herbs, cauliflower steamed with curry & turmeric and tomatoes, and white wine. We chowed.

Talk of politcal happenstance in USA and Europe made an appearance, and then was discarded. We rather chose to talk art and film and books.

Cal reading his poetry

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