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The DeTox Diet

Asia and I are onto the 2nd day of a detox diet. It’s purpose is to get rid of all the acid in our bodies, to bring the pH into balance, to flush the gluton, and cleans the liver and kidneys (in my case, singular on the kidney thing).

What are NO-NOs include caffeine, wine, chocolate, bread, most fruits, potatoes, and milk products (but not yoghurt). More or less, then, all the really good things we like, but don’t pig out on any more than usual.

Of course, there is plenty of food available, and this isn’t a diet or weight-loss campaign. Neither of us need that, I’m happy to report. But on the very good side, the inclusion of such purifying and fortifying spices, veggies &etc is good to re-aquaint. Yesterday, for example, I made ginger chicken & broccoli stir fry over brown rice. It’s delicious.

So far, I’m craving red wine and dark chocolate. Asia can’t stop talking about her coffee.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

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