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Weekend Forecast Forgery

AsiaMark Malastranska_1

Prague was supposed to get a good dowsing this weekend. Yesterday turned sunny at 10am; today blue skies raged in a gorgeous middle-autumn colorscape.

AsiaMark selfportrait

We took a walk into new old town, Malastranska, where a nice park sits inside walls. The trees are ablaze, the vines are crimson, few people are here, and its a nice spot to walk & talk and sit & kiss.

weathervane 1

Today we found an exhibition of artistic weathervanes from French artists. Some showed highly inventive ideas. Their silhouettes against the mottled gray sky make nice portraits.

weathervane 2


 Of course, being near Shakespeare & Son bookstore meant we HAD to stop in (used books must be combed over frequently to find the good stuff). Six-hundred krowns later, I left with five books.


weathervane 3

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