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Botanical Gardens (Prague)

grapes at Troja

Last week saw the sun shining with arboreal warmth as Autumn had already been visciously swiping gray skies and icy winds at our throats. It was a good day to soak up some VITamin D.

AsiaMark in Troja

Across the Vltava lies Troja, with its stately homes quite well suited for the old-form commie bastards from the 50s onward. Atop Troja’s hill lies Prague’s botanic gardens, set in the rolling hills and escarpmental rock faces.

Asia at Troja

The colors are in full redolance now, and with the crisp afternoon air, I’ll let the pictures complete the story:

AsiaMark shadow


at troja 2


trees at troja


 Trees2 at troja


Asia on Japanese bridge

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