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Books Read Lately

Couples by John Updike. After reading this story of infidelity among a group of neighboring couples in a New England town, there’s no wonder this book made Updike famous in 1968. Sex, sex, and more sex … with little enough of it between the husbands and wives. Of course, being human (the frail, corruptible things that we are) makes everything messy after a while. Just as well, Updike leaves no stone unturned when it comes to rooting into the minds, problems, proclivities, and delicacies of his characters.

Tinkers by Paul Harding. This slim volume holds a lot of story. George Washington Crosby lies dying. In this state, he hallucinates and falls into memories of his life, his father’s life, and his grandfather’s life. In reading these stories, we begin to read about ourselves, seeing where all that time we’ve used as gone … and for what good it has done us. Perhaps.

The Stories of English by David Crystal. Linguist Crystal tracks the undercurrents of English language history, going boldly where few have been willing or able to tread and come back with cogent voice, thoughts, even-mindedness, and predictions. We learn why we all talk so funny, and where our words have come from, and how pedantry became the method of grammar control for two hundred+ years.

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