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The Village Wit hits ebook octopus Smashwords

As if anyone who knows me doesn’t already know, I’ve now published The Village Wit as an ebook on, a huge ebook distribution company site. The platform services nine different types of ebook reading (retailing), including Apple iPad and Sony Reader and B&N Nook. These sites will also carry the book on their online sales sites. That’s the best news of all.

The Village Wit cover image

With a new email signature:
Mark Beyer
Sample or purchase the ebook:
Purchase the print edition:
Web sites: and

and sending an email out to every friend/family member in my address book, I’ve covered the first three bases of a long game with marketing this book.

I want to send out ebook samples for “review” at independent book-reader sites. Reviews are always helpful … at least for the simple exposure. I’ll be interested to see if they have the policy not to review self-published books. If so, I’ll hit them with a nicely worded email that asks the simple question: isn’t it hypocritical to refuse such reviews when you accept advertising for the same? But this is just conscience talking now.

Anyway, the book is out in the world, and awaits a nudge, some readers, reviews, and a chance to rise within the heap of all the other books on the “shelf.”

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