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THE VILLAGE WIT proof copy

Mark with THE VILLAGE WIT proof copy

The proof copy of THE VILLAGE WIT has arrived. I must report that it looks better than I’d thought it would. The cover is well done, glossy, thick bond paper; the interior is clean, with dark print, sturdy pages, and uniformly trimmed. CreateSpace has done a nice job with THE VILLAGE WIT.

I’m going to sit down and page through the proof and make sure all is in order, then, later today, approve it for copy-ready sale. That might take a day or two. I’ll have a FaceBook page ready for the print edition launch, and begin to coordinate the marketing b/w e-book and print sales.

It must be said: I feel proud of this book.

Now onto the completion of the next book: “Of Sirens and Muses” … due out Summer 2011

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