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Off to a Czech Wedding

Milena is getting married today. She’s the clone of Julia Roberts, and my private student who has passed the ICFE. She comes from the small town of Kutna Hora, about an hour outside Prague. The wedding is at 1.30; it’s a beautiful late-summer day. There’s going to be an international guest list, as Milena lived in Germany for seven years, and has friends around the world. This means Asia & I won’t be the only ones unable to speak Czech, and so will find the common language of English one way to enjoy the day.

Asia is wearing a black dress with a delicate, ornate necklace; I’m in a blue suit with cobalt tie. We’re taking a camera.

The wedding is at the town hall; the reception at a local restaurant. Traditional Czech food (a whole roast pig) and wine/beer. Dancing. Bride-Groom games. Etc.

We’re bringing a camera.

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