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Post #300

Numbers, numbers … the maths game. In recognition of my 300th Prague Blog post, here’re some ####s to consider:

* Tormented by the P.O. this month: twice … waiting FOREVER for The Shorter Oxford dictionary, and now waiting interminably for my proof copy of THE VILLAGE WIT

* Books read this year: 20 (and counting) … my record is 24, of which I shall smash in the next 4 months.

* Cakes eaten this week: One-point-five … yes, we scarfed down the inaugural plum cake in HOURS; we’re on to #2 … AND IT’S ONLY TUESDAY

* Naughty Bunny Acts perpetrated this week: 3

* Book Trailer short filmed: 1 (and manipulated for !$@&#!* web upload: 14) … THE VILLAGE WIT is on sale as e-book and shall shortly be available in print. See the trailer; tell friends and readers!

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