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Two-Year Anniversary


I landed in Europe (for the second time) two years ago today. Got into Prague in the afternoon. Picked up by Robert & Iveta. Moved into the Suchdol place. Wondered what the hell I was doing. Again.

Mark in 2008

Of course I knew. I had a plan. Some things change, as all plans do. Most of the best plans are free-form, taking a skeleton and adding muscle, organs, veins, tissue, as time goes on.

Mark Today 2010

To put a stamp on this day and what it means to me: Life is fun again. I have a great gig. Have my book published (2 sold and counting!), hardcover available by September 8th. My new novel is coming along nicely, which I feel good about. Besides that, puppies might be in the picture: “Godzilla” and “Dog To Be Named Later” (but not for a while, we think … more, later)

And the icing on this cake: I have the best girl ever.

Asia with Straw

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