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Book Format and Design

A book’s interior design is as much a part of the experience — of author and reader — as the cover. I’ve chosen Goudy Old Style font at 10pt. It’s readable and keeps the page count to just over 525. The trim size will be 5.25 x 8 which is the a bit larger than standard quality paperback.

novel mock sheetsThe struggles of formatting are not endless, but the work is slow and tedious. Methodical is the only route to do it correctly. I hope there won’t be errors. That’s why I’m going through the document page by page, twice over.

There’s front matter to consider: “about the author” & “CIP page” with “Acknowledgements” & of course the “dedication.” I’ve spent six hours on this already because the WORD formatting didn’t allow me to globally change the tabs, and I had to go paragraph by paragraph, changing every indent. I now know why Rosen Pub’s book designers all wore headphones and jammed to music throughout the day: tedium of task.

I’ll be done with the formatting today, I think. And then onto the cover design. I’ve chosen a photograph for the front cover and spine; the back will be white with some kind of synopsis copy.

Everything about this is fun, exciting, and making me eager to get the book published. Then I’ll work on marketing and advertising. With neither despair nor hope, I give it to the public and get to work on the next project.

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