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Saturday Around Town

We’ve been wonderfully relaxed this week. One might call us happily lazy. New classes start on Tuesday, but today is our last real HOLIDAY day to laze about town, or just sleep 9 hours, wake for coffee and breakfast, walk down to the monthly flea market, hit the food store for taco lunch fixins, do a little writing/work, sit around and watch Top Chef, take an evening walk to buy Magnum ice cream bars (one each … we don’t split bars during holiday time), then get back for more wine, another Top Chef, a movie at 9pm, with chips and a beer.

This is the way to end a three-week holiday … just before the “lean” month begins. Ha!

Nam Miru Flea

The Namesti Miru flea market has every sort of junk for the treasure troller. People lay out goods on rugs, fold-out tables, or regular display stands. There are not many practical items. For the collector, this is the place to be.

NamMiru Flea

Miru square is a great place to hold a flea market: good transportation hub; big square but without tourists; and beautiful gardens, inviting park benches, and the cathedral as the architectural background.

Asia has been looking for a length of elestic rope to play this Polish kids game, “guma,” and she found a woman selling yarns and ropes and lots of sewing/knitting stuff.

Asia shopping for Guma rope

I was looking for a butter dish. Butter in Czecho comes in big square blocks. It’s tough to find a dish for such a food shape.

Flea Market clapper clocks

What I found were clocks. Look at all these old clapper types. I can imagine my head between the two bell on a Monday morning, trying to get up to teach a class. Of course, I didn’t buy one of these things. There are enough clocks in my world already. I’m happy with looking out the window: if it’s light, this must be daytime; if it’s dark, this must be nighttime.

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