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Another Summer Picnic

How to have a picnic in the rain:

Bring an umbrella.

AsiaMark with fuchsia umbrella Today we went on a lunch picnic that we had planned a few days ago: bread and butter, hardboiled eggs, tuna from the can, pickles and tomatoes and cheese, beer and iced coffee.

We took Tram #22 from around our corner all the way up and past Prague Castle, then walked to Petrin Park through the back door so that we didn’t have to climb Petrin’s hill. Lots of tourists were out today, but none bothered us. When we heard American’s speaking, we switched to Polish; when we heard Poles speaking, I called out in a loud voice, “Jestes glodny?” (Are you hungry?) just to see if I can get a few heads to turn. This is usually a group of kids, who are here for, well, kid-camp I suppose. When you ask a Pole if he/she is hungry, they will expect a traditional Polish meal [note: this is just an aside, and has nothing to do with the day, per se]

Petrin’s apple orchard is in full applely-ness, and we found a nice spot halfway up the hill. The view gave onto Charles Bridge, Old Town’s one-hundred church spires, Zizkov Hill in the distance, and the giant television tower. We used for the second time our new picnic blanket. This was a gift to me from one of my students at the end of this past term. It’s a tartan green wool fold-up model with rubber backing to use on wet grass as well as the summery dry kind.

The skies had been threatening all morning, but once planned, there is nothing (short of lightning and actual rain) that can stop the AsiaMark Picnic Train.

So anyway, we took a nice picture as the drops came down, just little sprinkles. The food we’d already gobbled up (Hey, we were hungry!). And then the drops came more often, with more force, it was time to fold up shop.

End of the picnic. Race home for tea time.

Milego dnia!!

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