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Back (into, onto, with) Novel Writing

I brought my laptop with me to Poland, but opened it three times in 16 days, and only to look up word definitions using my Merriam-Webster program. Well, I kind of figured I wouldn’t get so much done, but that’s okay because this vacation was all about relaxation, losing the mind to literature and food and sleep and wandering with purposeful aimlessness.

Now that I’m back in Prague since Saturday, I’ve written nearly 4,000 words and have seemlessly got back into the flow of my book. I think, with a little luck and some imaginative writing, I can have a finished first draft before Christmas, maybe before the revolution holiday in November.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten THE VILLAGE WIT back from Anne, who graciously gave it a final CE read, and with those changes I’ll have it ready to format for publishing, probably in online stores by September 1st. I’m choosing font, layout, front & back matter, and trim size, then will make a pdf, send it to Amazon publishing for POD cataloging, etc, and get a proof copy back in a couple weeks for one final look. Afterwards, I’ll have the electronic format ready for e-Readers. Perhaps a few of each will sell. At least the public will finally have a chance to see my work, no thanks to traditional publishers looking only to push swill onto the world.

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