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The Four-Computer Couple

Asia was prescient enough to think about, and then execute, the purchase of a new computer while in Poland. Fact: prices in Poland for most products are cheaper, vis-a-vis currency conversion, than other Euro countries. Fact.

Asia with new computer1

So, Asia got herself an HP state-of-this-year computer that is blisteringly fast, has lots of bells & whistles, and blows her old computer out of the water.

Asia with new computer2

In the days of Old America (the 1970s), there was a thing known as the “two-car family” … and everyone envied those kinds of people. This was on the tails of the 1960’s “two-television family” that, by God (and a working wife), a family could afford ONE color television to go along with the ONE black & white tele “for the kids.” Boy-oh-boy them’s was good times!

Of course, times have changed. Some idiot in the 1970s actually suggested that there wasn’t any use for computers in the home. Now we say, “How the fuck have we lived without these puppies?!!!” The answer seems obvious, but only Nietsche and Kant could possibly disquisit successfully on this question.

Any-hoo … to have one computer in the family was an astonishment back in 1984 (the year of Orwell’s BIG BROTHER, don’t you remember), and kids queued for time on that slow-ass piss-ant of a machine. Who remembers typing a document and then, just as you are about to save said doc, the power goes out and … Poof! … there goes the document into what was yet to be called “cyber-F*(&%@#&NG-space). Of course, this sort of thing still happens, but we love our fast computers that can store 200+ pirated movies. (Ooops!)

So now Asia has two computers. And Mark has two computers. Or, to put it quite kindly …

we each have one COMPUTER and one “electronic typewriter.”

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