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Seaside at Gdynia

Asia & I went swimming in the Baltic for the first time this week. Why not before? Too hot during the day. So we decided to wait for early evening.

We got to the beach at 6:30 or so, expecting fewer people than actually lined the beach and were yet splish-splashing in the sea. The beach has plenty of space, and we marched through the fine-sand beach to the water’s edge.

Having taken little with us but hat, shoes, towels and beer, we covered our stuff and ran into the water. The water is refreshing without being cold, right now. After just a minute or so, we were used to the temp and it felt so refreshing.

The Baltic is usually cold, I’m told, but the Gdynia beach is part of the greater Gdansk bay and thus holds the sun’s warmth. It’s been hot as hell here, even though this is a very Catholic nation. Perhaps Satan is testing the Gdyniacs with tempting delights from the hedonistic side of life. I’m not sure.

Sitting at the beach (any beach) is neither of our things. Too hot; too sandy; too many people. But a half-hour stint at the water’s edge for a dip is just fine.

We’re going to do a dip session tonight too, as temps have reached 31 again. Oi-oi!!

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