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Birthday Lunch at the Szusteks’

Asia’s mom has a birthday on Tuesday, so we came over for a lunch-time celebration today. Asia’s dad is the family cook, and his food is fantastic. He’s careful with his recipes and demanding of his food products. The other day we had fish & chips, and the fish was perfect, with good & salty chips, too.

But today Pan Szustek served golabki i ziemniaki: meat-stuffed cabbage rolls and potatoes with fresh dill. To illustrate how demanding of his food he is, we almost didn’t have cabbage rolls today because he couldn’t find a proper cabbage head. Now that’s a strict cook!

He cooks the cabbage rolls in a tomato-based sauce, which then is poured over the top of the plated food. The taste is so cabbagee, and so dill-potatoee. Yummy!!

While we ate, the Szusteks spoke Polish to each other (naturally) with Asia doing a bit of translating por moi. I actually like to sit back at times like these, to absorb the language and the facial expressions and whatnot of foreign language speakers (come to think of it, I’m the foreigner in this story). Otherwise I’m asked obvious questions using words I’m already a bit familiar with: Jestes glodny? (are you hungry?); Bardzo? (BIG hungry?); Dobre? (Good?); Tak! (Yes!). Dziekuje (Thank You!).

It’s actually quite interesting to hear Asia speak Polish, which changes her voice  so much from her British-inflected English spoken at home.

Now Asia is going to go through a bunch of her posessions in her childhood room, with the mind to take so much stuff back to Prague that, between us (i’m bringing back candy, vodka, soap, pottery, and keilbasa sausage), we’re going to look like Gypsies tramping across Europe.

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