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Gdynia by the Sea

Gdynia is a seaside town with a strong maritime history. When not sailoring, people like to hang out at the beach, drink good beer, and shop.

Staying at Pani Heleno’s flat is perfect for us, because Asia’s grandmama (Bobca) lives ten minutes from the city center, and only a stone’s throw from the shipyards.

Seagulls wake us in the morning, and cool sea breezes cool us at night. There’s an old steel suspension bridge nearby on which Asia’s grandfather walked the high span arch to impress her grandmother, back in the day when men did such outrageous things to woo women.

The port has a long pier on which a couple ships sit, one a light frigate navy ship from WWII, and the other a steel-hulled three-mast schooner from even older times. At the end of the pier sit two monuments: one to seafarer and writer, Joseph Conrad, whose famous Heart of Darkness is great reading even today; the other monument has three masts reaching to the sky, with steel sails catching the wind.

From this pier you can see south along the beach area, and the little harbor that, yesterday, was letting out hundreds of sailboats of the “sunfish” class. The wind was up and these little scamp craft raced across the water once out onto the sea.

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