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Berlin #5: The Wall

So, I’m American, but of German-Polish extraction, but World War II wasn’t my fault, nor was the dropping of the atomic bomb (hey, you’d be surprised with the European mentality on America, vis-a-vis what post-modern people “should” have answers for the actions/problems of their forefathers).

Here’s what I say: Fuck that!

Anyway, the Berlin Wall was put up by Commie-Bastard Germans leashed by Soviet-Bastard Russians. American troops couldn’t/wouldn’t interrupt THE WALL’s construction because we didn’t want to start WORLD WAR III over a few thousands Berliners who, quite frankly, were gladly voting for socialist (communist) rule after all what they’d seen the capitalist industrialist bastard had done to raise Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, et al, to those Fuerur, Il Dulce, and Spanish Dude positions, and prop them up till the bitter end. Has not anyone seen “Schindler’s List” ??? That fucker was a war profiteer, and the dumb-ass Jews have propped him up as a “Righteous Man” and a “Mensch” !!!!!!

Again: Not my fault, M-F!!

So then … again: THE WALL: dividing East & West Berlin: lots of nice men/women folk helped to chop through it and dismantle it in 1989. A few miles of this wall has been kept intact for museum / posterity / “never again” political purposes. Great. Meanwhile, Starbuck’s and McDonald’s and CHINA have taken over the world. But that political stuff is for another blog post.

For this, I wanted to show y’all how Asia and I escaped Communist East Berlin:

Mark at Berlin Wall


Asia at the Berlin Wall


Oddly enough, we weren’t stopped from climbing over the wall to freedom. As a matter of fact, BBQ pits awaited us, and so too tropical drinks with umbrellas thrust into the icy froth.


Asia by the Wall


All kidding aside, the Berlin Wall is now a museum exhibit — see the post on Re-Re-Education — and much of it’s remains have been painted over by artists who seem to have a vision or something to say about imprisonment, or freedom, or communism, or Soviet Life, or blah blah blah. I never lived under communism, but except for the abundance of food-stuffs in shops, many of the Central Europeans don’t/wouldn’t seem to mind if their governments slid right back into out & out Socialism. Nonetheless, or perhaps Despite all of this (and THIS is a lot), the best of The Berlin Wall art was done as caricature art: silly cartoon mono-tycs depicting life as one might imagine it in a dream sequence while outside in the freezing cold some Commie guard is about to rattle a sabre to get the plebian factory workers (all those lazy insolent buggers) up and “rouse-roused” and onto work.


 Mark Squozing a Breast


So there.



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