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Picnic in the Deer Moat

AsiaMark Shadow

These days have been blue-sky beautiful in Prague, and since today is really the beginning of summer holiday, AsiaMark went to Prague Castle to picnic on the deer moat green.

It’s 91 degrees today. We packed a lunch, along with our new picnic blanket (a gift to me from a student for the end of term “thanks”), and took the #22 Tram through Prague and up the hill to the castle. The castle is overrun by tourists, but few go off the path, and fewer go through an unmarked gate leading down-down-down, into the Deer Moat.

Asia on the Deer Moat trail

Asia bought a new hat, and wanted to try out it’s cooling effects.

Deer Moat picnic spreadDown on the grass, in the shade, the temp was a good 15 degrees cooler, with a nice moat breeze coming through the shady parts.

We spread out the blanket and immediately decended on the food: hb eggs, roast potatoes, canned fish, cheese, tomato, pickles, and beer.

The grass feels so nice in shade, its well worth taking off your shoes and running your toes through the blades. Lots of mini daisies are in bloom, which haved attracted a gazzillion baby bees. But they just hover and mostly buzz your head.

AsiaMark in the Deer Moat

We like our food, and so we gorged sensibly on our provisions. Then we lolled in the cool air and read our books, acted silly, kissed like teenagers, and took funny pictures.

Asia reading in the deer moat

Very few people venture into the moat, which is too bad for them, because there’re great views of the castle from the glades, but great for us residents who don’t want to find peace and quiet.

Asia looking SEXY

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