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Tuesday is Wine Day

Every Tuesday I go to a wine tasting, otherwise known as Professor Kriz’s English lesson. This has been happening for the better part of the year, now.

The Professor likes to show off his wine tastes, and I’m not one to argue, being, if not a low-brow connoisseur, then at least an imbiber. Kriz likes his native country’s wines, and that means his selection is often from Moravia, the major vinting area of the CR. The equivalent grape varieties of chardonnay, muscat, cabernet-sauvignon, champagne, and muller thurgau, etc.

Our meeting usually begins with a handshake, and the subtle question, “Is it too early for a spot of wine?” My answer: “Of course not, Professor.” To which he instructs one of his minions to fetch a bottle. Most of the time he takes a moment to describe the wine we’re about to sample, the region from which it comes, and perhaps something unique about the grape or vinting process that is otherwise not commonly done in other wine-making regions.

We don’t finish the bottle, of course: we’re not winos.

Sparkling wineToday the Professor suggested we stray from white wine (seldom does he take red during the daytime) and sample a sparkling wine. But this is no ordinary wine, nay-nay! This wine cannot be found in shops, nor be bought from wholesalers. This sparkling wine is from the winery’s private stock, and can be gotten only by friends & associates of the chateaux.

The wine is a brut, with a pronounced golden color, not so effervescent, nor alcoholic. The taste is excellent, dry, smooth, with a refreshing follow. I highly recommend it.

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