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Reading in the Park

Books on the Shelf

Reading is an essential part of our lives, and taking a park walk to find a nice place to read is the one of the best events any summer day can give you. In these cool summer days, thanks to the volcano I think, it’s still fun to wear jeans & a light jacket. The air is more spring-like or autumnal: our combined favorite months.

Riegovy Sady 1Riegovy Sady have loads of benches that are set up for people watching and disappearance into your own world. Along one avenue, there are flower beds with, now, a summer display. These flowers are designed to attract butterflies, and as summer moves along, lots of colorful butterflies that are unique to an American eye will move through the park.

Riegovy Sady Vista

Over along the ridge are benches that look across the vista created by the Vltava River down in the valley. Across the way is Prague Castle, the iconic building of Prague.

And then of course there’s the relaxation of reading itself … with your girl.

AsiaMark at the Park


Asia Reading 1

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