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Homemade Chocolate

Asia prepared her homemade chocolate last night, of which we ate hot & gooey lumps from the leftover bowl while the pan cools in the fridge overnight. The recipe comes from Asia’s grammar school teacher, who made it for her kidniks from time to time … when they weren’t so unruly little Poles running about the classroom, I imagine.

Surprisingly enough, the recipe is simple: lots of butter, lots of sugar, powdered milk, and cocoa powder. It sets up over night, then you cut it into cubes: seems that we’ll be having chocolate bits in our cereal, in an omelet, on bread with cheese, as a side dish to wine, with cheese & crackers, stirred into coffee or tea, shaved over a salad, dropped from heights into a bowl of ice cream, with honey smeared over the top, or even with spaghetti.

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