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We were very dirty tonight…

so we decided to take a bath.

The jacuzzi bath has been calling us, and tonight we got its jets and bubbles and heat and wetness in action, working in concert, finding a rhythm as nature is wont to ask through its slow, languorous voice.

AsiaMark in the bath 1

And what’s a jacuzzi night without some wine, candles, and music? Not enough … so we had all three. Of course, I poured in about a half a cup of bath liquid, which when the air jets got blowing full bore, made enough bubbles to cover the candles, the wine glasses, and us! What fun!!!

Mark in the bath

Surprisingly, the water stays quite warm for the longest time. Not too hot, so we could luxuriate for a couple of hours … with only one break to run down the hall, trailing suds, to change the music (and get chocolate to go with our wine).

When we finally showered off and moved into the salon, we both felt more relaxed than we’ve had in weeks. Looks like Friday night is going to turn into BubbleBathTime around the AsiaMark palace flat.


Asia in the bath

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  andy wrote @ June 19th, 2010 at 4:51 pm

Well I say! This blog really is hotting up lately 🙂

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