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The Definition of “Tedious”…


Oh, but you don’t get away so quickly, nay-nay!

This world cup is showing its ubber-tedium not just for being a boring kick-ball sport, but the poor sportsmanship and awful officiating proves once again that soccer is bullshit. Let’s review:

Portugal v. Ivory Coast … no goals scored

Brazil v. North Korea … after 60 mins of no scores, I was rooting for Kim Jong Il to come onto center field with his “vuvuzela,” that silly fucking horn moron fans are blowing constantly in the stands. (I asked a student what he would do if someone in the seats behind his was blowing one of those horns: “I’d kill him,” the man said)

It’s not just the slow play, and ubber-focus on defense (more kick-ball, only well behind any possible field of action)—which will only get worse into the quarter finals, etc, since footies fear giving up goals more than trying to score them—but what really irks me is the cheating:

1. star players take dives at the slightest touch (or close non-touch), trying to gain cheap advantage in field position or penalty yellow card / red cards. The worst of these is Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal, whose entire sports history is replete with dives.

2. with only one ref on the field, cheating is rampant, including pulling of jerseys, elbows & knees, and tripping. What leagues (and the Cup) need are four refs patrolling the field.

If you cut down on cheating, the players will be forced to PLAY THE GAME, which may yield excitement, and perhaps a couple goals. Rules for these fouls exist, including pussy players taking dives, but not enough eyes are catching the rampant cheating. It takes away from the game. The only fans who remain will be the obsessed idiots.

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