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Adventures in Writing, Reading & Book Culture

Running, Reading, Rambling On

An overcast and cool day, but after a workout in the a.m., went to the park to read and watch Asia run laps on the grass from one end to the other. This park is part of the king’s vineyards from centuries past, and the remnants of a villa and boundary walls, with a decent size vineyard still in operation, decorates an otherwise busy residential part of Prague. Once inside the park, though, time stands still, and the air smells cleaner, and the green fields and tall trees take over.

Atop the vineyard (it’s quite hilly here), another old manor house overlooks the distant hills that are part of new prague, from the mid-19th Century. So then this park is just a stone’s throw from our flat.

In the afternoon, Cal Rambler came by, in from Istanbul for a week or so. Anne came also, and Asia rounded out a foursome for a manuscript reading of mine and Cal’s works in progress. Wine & cheese, wassabi peas & pistachios, a bit ‘o chocolate too, got us going for and between reads. It’s nice to hear a story read by its author.

The feeling of winding through someone’s mind, inside a story of personal making, fresh from the idea factory, is a cathartic experience. Reading itself is a good experience, hearing your own words bring characters to life, seeing their effect light the imagination behind the eyes of your audience. We talk writing and literature and story and process and words & images & plans & dreams.

The dream comes true every day, around the AsiaMark residence.

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