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End-of-Term Report Cards

One of the few time-consuming admin tasks we have to complete at Spevacek Ed Ctr is report cards. A lot of drop-down menus make things easier, but then there are the comments. Each student deserves proper comments regarding his/her progress over the year. I have 37 students. At 5-6 sentences per student (thoughtful attention to detail), that makes a lot of work.

I approach report cards this way: coffee, music, test scores, and thinking about what they’ve done and how well we’ve got on in class. That pretty much lets the words flow. Honesty is the best way to get through to students who say they want to study English, but then use the one or 1.5 hours per week that class meets to do anything about bettering their language skills. So I suggest reading magazines & books.

But hey, there’s no skin off my back if they refuse correction or advice. I’m a native speaker. 🙂

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