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“Sex & the City 2” … Needs lube

Sex/City fans will recognize their favorite characters, but perhaps not much else. The movie is entertaining at times, but its edge is mising that it had during its best HBO-days. The producers should put the girls to rest, otherwise the franchise will someday find the post-menopausal quartet cougar-cruising on — where to next? — an Alaskan cruise ship.

The “power-of-woman” theme (and friendship) was always the show’s raison d’etre. I guess in America’s bourgeoning gay-marriage era, the writers-producers of Sex/City needed to touch on international themes of woman-power.  Bringing that theme to the outside world seemed a natural progression. Given American ideals, there’s always room to turn heads and “nation build” (or at least “character modify”). So surprise-surprise when the ladies go to Abu Dhabi for a lavish get-away.

Taking American ideals to the Middle East, however, can be touchy: you have a male-dominated society that uses women as chattel and punching bags; its religion is the most hateful towards women of all the world’s mysogynist-related groups; women are murdered daily for the simple human act of talking to a man who is not her husband. No wonder the UAE has banned Sex/City in its member states. (No wonder the movie was shot in Morocco!)

Worse, I see the provocation no more effective than leaflets dropped on a war-torn population, suggesting they revolt against their oppressors.  Granted, this is exactly what women should do in Muslim countries (and across the world), but without proper support, what you’ll get is a blood-bath and, perhaps worse, a slide toward greater conservatism or fundamentalism. Enslaved women aren’t the problem. Men aren’t even the problem. RELIGION is the problem.

And just how has this movie review turned into an intellectual rant?


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