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We Ditched Yoga Class (tee-hee)

Within whispering distance of the yoga center doorway, we pulled an “about face” and spirited away before someone could catch us. Our legs felt like lead from yesterday’s tramping around Cesky Krumlov, up and down the castle hill, negotiating the heart-stone cobbles. So today, after a salmon-over-salad lunch, an “afternoon nap” — and then tea — we still put ourselves into gear to make it to yoga class.

I felt tired, but didn’t want to disappoint Asia, miss yogi-master-crafter. So surprise-surprise when, thirty yards from the entrance, Asia says “You know, we can go home and have iced coffee. Maybe take a walk later in the sunshine.” It took me all of three seconds to agree. And then we laughed and walked back to the tram.

Suddenly, we both had a spring in our step. I guess sometimes you have to let yourself be free.

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