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Prescience Confirmed

Written in 1981:

“What is becoming sovereign in the world is not the people but the limited liability corporation, that particular invention: that’s what’s concentrating sovereign power to rape the world and overenrich the top minions who run these entities. The perfect medium for the corporation is an electoral democracy where nobody—in the mature systems—bothers to vote, parties disaggregate, labor unions decompose, corporations control who gets into parliament, accountability disappears.” (Norman Rush, in a novel)

Work the memory:

Reagan, Thatcher, deregulation, 1980’s S&L bailout, Gulf War I, Gulf War II, Enron, Haliburtan, ConAgra & ArcherDanielsMidland, Pfizer, Bayer and Lilly, the mortgage loan scandal, the mortgage loan bailout of Big Banking, British Petroleum’s worldwide criminal malfeasance.

No wonder people today simply say, “Where’s mine?” and go on to take it. Bear in mind, the EU is as corrupt or more so than what’s happening in the USA. Can anyone say “A Marxist Solution is needed” ? 😉

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