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Books Read Lately

Mating, by Norman Rush … If you want to read a story about how a man and a woman come together, learn who the other is, fall in love, and reach forward as a couple, this is the book. Bring a dictionary. A BIG dictionary.

The Revolution Trilogy (Doctor Copernicus; Kepler; The Newton Letter) by John Banville … Banville is one of the best narrative storytellers I’ve ever read. This trilogy captures the lives of the three mathematical/astronomical/phyics geniuses that changes the way humans see their world and their existence on it. And in all of that, they were pretty much ordinary human beings caught in the maelstrom of their eras.

The Biography of Desire, by Mary Dorcey … A married woman falls in love with a woman, and all that desire between the sexes, the people, the lives in between, is counted on the table like pieces from a jigsaw puzzle.

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