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On the Menu: Pig-Out Food!

And why not?

The weekend approacheth; classes suspendeth; Asia cometh.

I’m planning home-made pizza (special tomato sauce, tee-hee) for one night, and tacos for another. I got hard-shell corn tacos this time, which should make a bit of difference from the mr softie roll-ups. The seasoning packets sold in CR are actually quite good: piquant without being too salty; flavorful that goes far deeper than mere chili powder.

The pizza I like to think of as unique cuz my sauce is designed from tomato paste, spices, and wine. It’s deep texture is a great base for the toppings (perhaps a four-square medly of veggies, Hungarian sausage, chicken, and fresh herbs & two cheeses).

White wine chills in the fridge; red wine screams from the cupboard for a corkscrew rescue.

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  living-websites wrote @ May 14th, 2010 at 11:48 am

what do you do for pizza bases?
I got a bread maker a while back (mostly because there’s no baker in the village I live in and I’m too lazy to drive out for bread every day)

anyhoo – it makes excellent pizza dough. Chuck in the flour, water, olive oil, salt etc, bung it in the machine and 90 mins later, a perfect lump of dough which makes 4 bases.

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