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Concert in Nymburk

One of Asia’s students plays in a band. They play Jazz, I think, or some kind of rock. Anyway, on May 29 we’re going to this little town called Nymburk early on that Saturday to tour around, then hit the show in the late afternoon.

I like the look of this poster: it has that 1970’s rock poster feel to it; unfortunately the file is in pdf, so I can’t show it here. Maybe I can get it as a jpeg (hint, hint … you know who).

Nymburk is one of these little-big Czech towns with lots of old refinements, a castle, a manor or two, and a town square. I suppose you find so many like this across Europe, but each has its own feel. We know other musicians that play in pubs and clubs, mostly in the outlying towns, or a Prague suburb.

May 29 is also CR’s election day, so that ought to make the day even more interesting.

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