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My Yoga Headstand

In yoga class yesterday, Jana suggested we four students try the poses leading up to a headstand, and, if we were ready, come upright with back straight and knees up, into a basic headstand.

The process begins by creating a base using your arms (elbows, forearms, hands) set on the mat in a triangle. You then place the top of the forehead on the mat and roll your head onto its crown as you invert your hips, using your legs by walking everything to verticle with your feet. Once your back is near verticle, you need to tighten abs, let your hips ride up to verticle, and your knee to follow into the air.

I did this to completion, and it felt great. I think every muscle in my body was engaged on this move, and position. I held the pose for about ten seconds. I could have raised my legs verticle, but decided this was a good beginning since I didn’t need help getting verticle. When I came down from the headstand, Asia’s eyes were wide with amazement. I gather she was impressed.

While Jana went to help another woman get into the position, I decided to do another one. This time I was a bit zealous with my hips, and felt myself go verticle and then over the top. Lucky for me I’ve played tennis, skied, and water skied (can you say “cartwheel at 70mph”? I knew you could), because I simply rolled down with a soft, 165-lb “plop” onto the floor.

Asia exclaimed later, “My heart nearly stopped!”


I repeat: Ha!

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