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Around Suchdol

I’d walked around Suchdol before, of course, having lived there for nine months. Yet I hadn’t been on all the streets, of course. Behind the main roads lies little lanes that are warrens of private (or community) gardens, and further toward the steep drop down to the Vltava, you can find livestock.

Suchdol Garden

The trees are flowering, the flowers are in bloom.

Asia with Chickens

Chickens chase each other. And …

Mark with a Horsey

Horses come when you call them (a short whinny will do).

In Asia’s backyard, there is a bench that is nicely secluded, peaceful, with a veiw of flowers, backyards, and the wide sky over Prague.

The Lovers of Suchdol

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  living-websites wrote @ May 4th, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Ah yes, chickens chasing each other. That’s the life 🙂

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