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Mike the Mummy

Okay, so now that I’ve talked and (today) seen my nephew, Michael, I can offer some black humor to his recent mishap. He’s sitting in a San Diego burn unit with one arm looking quite Lon Cheney-ish.


Seems Mike got a bit close to an exploding LP tank while doing some glass blowing.

With a few dozen staples in his hand and arm that hold the newly grafted skin together, he’s good to set off airport metal detectors for a few weeks yet. Hey, it happens, Dude. Just, you know, be righteous about the pain next time, will ya!

Of course, after picking a stray staple out of his ass yesterday, he might want to do a full body search before hitting the surfboard this summer: I hear sharks and barracudas like shiny objects.

Glad to hear you’re getting on the mend, young man. Don’t worry, you’ll be working alongside the ole Webber in no time. My advice: use matchlight charcoal for a few months, just to get your “sea legs” back.

Bitch’n !!!!!

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