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Vysehrad & Yoga


A gorgeous day today got Asia and me outside early: we walked into Vysehrad park about 10 am … not bad for a Sunday. Best thing: we beat the crowds.

The air is nicely clear these spring days, and in the distance, Prazke Hrad loomed over the Vltava and all those red tile roofs. Asia took lots of pictures; she takes loads of pics. And we also got the self-timer going, with a capture of a great shot of us both (i.e., we liked how our selves looked).

Later, we went to our yoga class, which is becomingĀ our regular Sunday lesson. And a good lesson it is. We both like Jana’s style and smooth, continuous transitions through positions. It’s a good 70-minute workout.

Today I did a headstand, which Jana decided to “treat” the five members there because she saw that we were all “strong.” I’d not done a yoga-stand before, so I watched the demonstration, and then Jana came round and helped my legs get verticle. It’s a good position that really strengthens your arms & neck muscles.

Earlier though, I made Asia laugh when, during one step-forward-lung-back-and-kick-out move, I kicked out like a donkey. She lost it a bit. So did I.

Dinner afterward? nutty rolls smothered in Nutella chocolate, topped with bananas. Great way to end the week.

Next week, Asia moves to Suchdol!

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