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On the Waves with the Floyd

Tonight I wrote some of the best sentences of my life. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to write, but “mood” is becoming less of an obstacle to creativity than I had ever imagined as a fuck-nut post-grad who thought he was tortured by art. Give me a break, you *^&$%@#!%^$&. Anyway…

After a stimulating class today in which I used music knowledge/likes/dislikes to teach some language, I came home later to an idea of linking some dialogue that I’d written months ago for SirenMuse, and so I sat down with a glass of red (after greens & sprats dinner) to find, Lo and Behold, I had ideas (YeahNoShit).

Two-point-five hours later, I’ve got going the transition that I’ve been thinking about for eight months: how do three points of story converge sequentially and make perfect harmony while also illuminate the epiphany from which the rest of the book treds?

Practice and a lot of re-writing, that’s how.

More, later.

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