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by David Lodge: a sex-drenched story about an AI researcher from Brit college who snogs his way through life; and the six-month teaching term of a female novelist sort of looking for a fling, if such can be had. Meanwhile, the story revolves around consciousness and what it means to be alive, in all its grandiloquences, foibles, and debaucheries.

The Robber Bride

by Margaret Atwood: a saga, relating the lives of four women, one of whom, Zenia, is a bitch from hell who steals women’s men and leaves scorched earth in her path. The characters are real, the dialogue sharp, the scenes well planned and executed, with a thoroughly satisfying ending.


by Gore Vidal: the LONG life of Cyrus Spitamus, friend of Xerxes (the last great Persian king), and emissary to Indian, Cathayan and Greek courts. The history is fabulously told, with witty remonstrances to the modern philosophies (political, social, sexual, and intellectual) so quickly embraced by modern minds. Spitamus is the great grandson of Zoroaster, and in his life he sees witnesses important moments in history (a bit like Forrest Gump, fourteen years before the movie), including having meetings with the Buddha and Confucius. Who knew they were contemporaries? Something that’s missing in lots of history books. Anyway, the story revolves around Spitamus’s search for the truth of CREATION: who did it; how had it come about; where are we all going.

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