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Easter Gifts

Besides the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection and his subsequent canonization vis-a-vis superstitious beliefs, Easter is a time for finding colorful chicken eggs hidden by a mysterious rabbit, for eating (ham in America; hot crossed buns in Britain; lamb in Corsica; and in Poland white Polish sausage or bialy kielbasa), and for giving gifts.

I’ve combined this panaply by giving Asia a new cooking pan w/glass cover, something she said she’s needed, especially since together we hang out there (some people might say “shack up”) and making “Asia Toasts” requires a bigger pan so that the round bread both fits in the pan and can be completely covered so that they “toast” up real good.

Asia cookingOn Sunday, then (Palm Sunday?), she cooked chicken curry, first browning the chicken, then working in the sauce. She poured this concoction over un-toasted bread rounds (the center bread removed because, who needs all those extra carb calories? :-0 ). We both thought the sauce was just okay (store bought M&S’s … the last time for this), but the pan worked well.

Afterwards, Asia was so happy with the pan that she celebrated the old fashioned way: she brushed her teeth.

Asia brushing her teeth

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