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Still Amazed, mostly

Today I walked out of the library, heading toward Old Town Square, through which I pass at least once a week to get to an English lesson. I saw in the background Tyn church’s steeples, and on the left St George’s, and on the right the old clock tower, and all the Baroque & Rococo buildings. And I thought, “I still can’t believe I live here!” … Prague, Europe, outside the world and culture of the United States.

I tried to explain it to Asia the other night, because she asked. While the reasons came out, when I thought about them I realized there was really not much difference b/w Europe and the US, when you look at the whole. But when the bits and pieces are taken separately, I see the cultural differences, the architecture, family life, city life in this small world capital, food & drinks (and their costs), and other things. And even this list doesn’t quite capture The Why.

Which means there is no answer, really. It’s just a feeling.

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