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Concert at Obecni Dum

obecni dum_1

Anne got tickets to a classical music concert from a student who could not use them. She asked me to go, and so we went tonight to Obecni Dum (Municipal House) at Namesti Republiki. This is a famous concert hall that has three restaurants, two coffee shops, and many many state-rooms for dignitary gatherings and whatnot. Mostly, the majority of these rooms are closed to the public.

Tonight, the Prague Symphony Orchestra played Wagner and Strauss. Wagner’s Tristan & Isolde opera introductions were smartly played. And after intermission, a Strauss medley that lasted 40 mins gathered some of his greatest hits, including movements from a couple waltzes, and a smashing ending that makes you think, “Now this is classical music!”

On a Tuesday night, people were dressed for the evening … lots of black dresses and jewels and suits and ties. It’s a real treat to live in a capital city and partake in the cultural programs around town.

obecni dum_2

At the break, we had a glass of champagne, and stood in the marble hall, with its thirty-foot tall pillars, chandeliers, and red-carpeted stairways. People were happy; spring is here.

Our seats were in the balcony, center stage. The accoustics are amazing in this hall, which looks onto a stage whose background is an enormous organ. I’m a classical fan, so the music is beautiful to me, inspiring, and something to witness as you find 68 musicians on stage working their instrument in concert with their conductor, and belting out enormous sounds that somehow all work perfectly together.

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