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Spring Has Sprung!

I could not have predicted such a beautiful day for the first full day of Spring 2010. Prague is a touch-‘n-go weather city, and after a long-long-long-long-long-long-long (and cold) winter, Asia and I walked out of her building this morning to blue-blue skies and warm yellow sunshine. The temp was just into the high 40s, but after last week’s 28, we felt like we’d just landed in the desert.

vltava_1Owning to my “joire de vivre” attitude, I took a long riverside walk after my first (and … cough-cough… only) class today. At 10 a.m., the sunshine was thick as a jacket (or maybe I think this because I was wearing a jacket). I stopped at a convenience store for an iced coffee, and with my weekend bag (smile) over my shoulders, I began a 3k walk north along the Vltava.

Some of Prague’s old timers stood on the banks with a line in the water, and chewing the fat. Lots of smiles are on faces this morning. Pram pushers talked on cell phones while their brats cried in the carriages. Lovers held hand; drunks held beers.


There is one sightline along the river that catches Vysehrad and Prazk√© Hrad, our city’s two castles that overlook the Vltava River. I didn’t have my camera this morning, so three kicks in the ass for Mark, today. But I know how to steal appropriate borrow pics off the inter-web. Wow, this thing is gonna be big someday!

vltava_swansTwo-thirds up from my starting point, I stopped to read a chapter from this most absorbing book I’m reading (The Robber Bride), and to eat a piece (or two) of chocolate (Mark’s & Spencer via Swizterland).

Bunches of bastard (and legitimate) swans swam swiftly southward to swindle something sweet. I foiled the feathery fuckers’ flim-flam, and they fled forward to forage fiddlesticks from foreign fools.

Regretfully retreating from riverside, I now sit waiting for fictive inspiration to strike like a good glass of glug.

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