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The Scribe Cometh

The last two days have been a gold mine of time for me. In fact the last couple weeks have been slow teaching hours (lots of cancellations … and not the good kind), but I’ve used the free time wisely by sitting my ass in a chair in front of my laptop and put hours into writing, thinking, and writing some more.

I’ve made some breakthroughs with the new novel, The Siren and the Muse, and have a better overall sight of what, where, how, when, and why things and people are. If this is cryptic, its only to save space, because to tell more is to wrench from my mind what I don’t know exactly is there until I sit down and make the scene happen. More or less.

Anyway, my view is this: if the money isn’t going to roll through the door, then best stay inside and get work done that doesn’t cost a penny. It keeps me off the streets, anyway.

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