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What’s On Your Turntable Today?

Jimm with Jack

Being the greatest Rock ‘n Roll band ever, Led Zeppelin is still listened to by kids around the world. I see punks walking Prague’s streets wearing Zep t-shirts. The internet has STICKY LOADS of Led Zep pictures for easy download — Jimmy at the 12-string; Robert screaching into a mic; Bonzo tearing up the skins; and JPJ diddling the bass.

I mean, look at the picture of Jimmy Page getting ready for a concert, properly using his rock ‘n roll mouthwash. Isn’t this the kind of musician every mother wanted her daughter to bring home? And every son to grow up emulating? I thought you’d say yes. See, it was easy, wun’it?

While my musical tastes have expanded over the years, and I often find myself listening to classical and jazz while I write, there is seldom a day goes by when I don’t tune into a cranked up, ear-splitting, tenitis-inducing session of The Zeppelin Rising.

Now if only Guitar Hero came out with a Zep version, I’d be in heaven. I might even repent!

Okay, I can’t go that far. Too much baggage. Know what I mean? Of course you do.

Here’s a sample of Zep at their best … which was ALWAYS:

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